Re: History


Know how sometimes you look back on decisive moments in your life and they burn and the only thing for it is to fan the flames? No?! Well, good day sir, and kindly leave off reading now.

For the rest of you, here’s a bitter bit of Bolaño from his novel 2666. Thinks one character, “… history, which is a simple whore, has no decisive moments but is a proliferation of instants, brief interludes that vie with one another in monstrousness.”

Sorry to wax maudlin, but on days like today, that rings true. (Understand that at some age immemorial I hocked my heart for a tin tuning fork that returns the cleanest notes when answering dark sentiments like this one. It wasn’t a wise bargain, but the huckster has dashed, taking with him all traces of the flea market he oversaw.) How ’bout a hug? Hmm?


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