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The Delicious Madness of Murakami

October 18, 2010

I need this Takashi Murakami piece in my apartment. I bet licking different parts of the sculpture would leave light candy tastes on the tongue. Think about it: Mornings with fresh-brewed mushroom tea and a bit of a chat with the pot-bellied, horned homunculi. At night not a moment’s peace under the withering gaze of with the walleyed overlord. Prolonged exposure to the sculpture would induce fun fevers and languid ice cream dreams.

See more at the website I’ve linked, including a couple hilarious figurines whose presence on your desk would get you instantly fired. Of course, their presence on your computer screen might be enough to earn you a pink slip, too, so proceed with caution.


Making Mom Proud

October 8, 2010

Spotted this on a train station platform in N.E. Philly. Must’ve brought a tear to Mom’s eye to encounter such warm wishes during her morning commute. (Since her sweet son wrote part of it in pink, it’s hard to read where it says, “Have a good day at work….”)

This is England

October 5, 2010


The Woods Will Never Tell

October 1, 2010

My brother and I went hiking in the backwoods of Maryland recently. It was brilliantly sunny, nothing in the sky but some circling turkey vultures as we stepped through the forest. We sheared through a thicket and found ourselves presently in a clearing, or, what was once a clearing….the forest had evidently taken notice of a lengthy lack of human presence and begun to silently encroach on what was once its domain. In the center of the now-overgrown clearing was a red barn and a modest shuttered house, both abandoned and both in the beginning stages of dilapidation, no doubt aided by the gathering army of vines and tendrils of ivy snaking up the sides. My brother was bent on investigating further but both were curiously locked: a rusty ferrous lock on the barn-door, unyielding entrances on the abode. We didn’t loiter long after; there was something just so sinister about the abandoned barn. The whimsical Charlie Chaplin-esque face it was sporting turned blank, eldritch and aged, when you caught it out of the farthest corner of your eye.

We left, strains of Tom Waits’ Murder in the Red Barn lingering on the meager breeze…

Loping with Strandbeests

September 20, 2010

I will move to the beach, sit still for years while my mustache grows to cover my mouth and sand and sun harden my hide. I will breathe quietly, shallowly, until strandbeests, Theo Jansen’s magnificent wind-powered “kinetic sculptures,” accept me as one of their own and I can at last travel with the pack. Check them out in this clip and promise me you’ll watch this video in its entirety, okay?

Their ways appeal to me: Never speaking, steady ambling for the sake of ambling. I’ve passed many an hour in similar fashion in my apartment, walking until I encounter a wall, turning on my heel, and striking out boldly in a fresh direction until I inevitably encounter, if not another wall, some obstruction which I cannot pass or be bothered to circumvent, the question of circumventing necessitating as it does irksome questions of fastest route, to say nothing of safest route, and the less said about surest route, the better. No doubt I cut a fine figure while ranging across my apartment thusly, but how I yearn to join the ranks of these beasts and shamble together¬†into the shimmering elsewhere.

Sorry! Footbarn Circus

August 9, 2010


3 Musicians

July 21, 2010


Alexandria Nelson-Beckett

Alexandria Nelson-Beckett

Alexandria Nelson-Beckett